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Burning Bright

Extraordinary Women of KwaZulu-Natal

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Burning Bright: Extraordinary Women of KwaZulu-Natal tells the stories of women who have lived their lives with courage, commitment and compassion. Written by Wilna Botha and featuring the photography of Pippa Hetherington, the book showcases twelve women of different ages and from diverse cultures and walks of life. It pays tribute to women as the strong glue that holds societies together.

Burning Bright is an affirmation of a positive way of life that manifests itself in the stories of twelve very different women from different backgrounds. All the stories show a pervasive sense of community; the key role played by mothers, grandmothers and schools in instilling solid values; the impact of apartheid on women's lives and their dreams for their country's and children's future. Together, the stories weave a rich, colourful tapestry of diverse experience.

Launched at the KIZO Gallery on National Women's Day, Burning Bright is the starting point of a "Voices of Africa" series that embodies the Africa!Ignite publishing vision: CONNECTING Africa's people; COMMUNICATING their voices and CELEBRATING Africa by telling its stories and showcasing it's role models.

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