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The Burning Bright Project


Burning Bright cover


Production of Burning Bright: Extraordinary women of Kwazulu-Natal involved close collaboration between Publishing Resource Solutions and author (and Africa!Ignite Director) Wilna Botha, with photographer Pippa Hetherington, and with a highly experienced designer and typesetter Penny Waterkeyn.


  • We developed, and revised as necessary, a detailed schedule for manuscript finalisation, editing and typesetting.
  • We reviewed in-depth all draft manuscript chapters, and provided detailed comment and feedback to Wilna, including suggestions for additions and, where necessary, possible cuts to accommodate the final extent of the book.
  • Before any editing began, we prepared a detailed editorial and project briefing, approved by Wilna, for the editor.
  • As part of our project management responsibilities, we managed editorial schedules, prepared the final edited manuscript for setting, and liaised with Wilna for illustrative materials and supply thereof to the typesetter. We finalised a detailed budget for all publishing and production activities to be managed by us.
  • Our publishing and project management responsibilities at this stage also included the sourcing and contracting of freelance design and typesetting, editorial and proofreading suppliers, as well as negotiation of all supplier fees.
  • We finalised printing specs and parameters, and prepared a detailed design brief for the designer to develop layouts.
  • We managed review and approval of design layouts
  • We managed review and approval of all page proof stages.
  • We commissioned a cover design, and managed the preparation and finalisation thereof with inputs from Africa!Ignite.
  • We contracted a freelance production and print manager to oversee the final proofread and supply of print-ready materials to the printer.
  • We reported on adherence to budget of all origination costs incurred in the production of Burning Bright to print-ready stage.

Additional project (non-publishing) support that we provided to Africa!Ignite included inputs and guidance regarding stock warehousing and distribution, and promotional activities and approaches.