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Preparing for High School Maths

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Preparing for High School Maths is a course book which has been written for:

  • learners in the later years of primary school who want to make sure that they are fully prepared to begin secondary school Maths;
  • students in the early years of secondary school who need revision and extra practice in basic Maths skills;
  • schools offering bridging courses or remedial classes in Maths;
  • teacher-education colleges and institutions.

Preparing for High School Maths is:

  • UNIQUE (in South Africa) in the way in which this book focuses on and explains key Maths concepts and skills.
  • DIAGNOSTIC. Simple tests determine the skills areas which are causing problems.
  • REMEDIAL. It provides an impressive range of exercises to improve learner understanding.
  • TEACHER-FRIENDLY. It contains sufficient tests and mini-examinations (with answers) to provide all the evaluation instruments the teacher might require.
  • a SELF-HELP book. Simple explanations allow the learner to get to grips with the different mathematical operations.
  • ARITHMETIC. It emphasises the operations learners need to know before they move on to algebra.
  • COURSE-DESIGNED, in that it does not set out to cover a whole year's syllabus.

Ten important skills areas are covered, including a complete chapter on problem-solving. Each chapter consists of:

  • a checklist of skills to be developed;
  • a diagnostic test which allows shortcomings to be identified easily;
  • clear step-by-step explanations of key processes and skills;
  • worked examples on the application of the skills;
  • a set of practice exercises to test understanding;
  • a set of extension questions requiring further application of the skills developed within the chapter.

Eight multiple-choice assessment tasks provide immediate feedback on progress of skills development.

Answers to all exercises, tests and assessment tasks are provided.

To order in South Africa
Preparing for High School Maths [978–0–620–35845–3]
Voorbereiding vir HoĆ«rskoolwiskunde [978–0–620–36793–6]
please contact Cambridge University Press.